Great (and Inexpensive) Ways to Decorate Your Boat

Your boat is your personal space, something for you to indulge in enjoying every time you board. To get the most out of your investment, you can make the interior of your boat something magnificent.

We get it. You’ve already spent a ton of money on your boat, and you may not have a steep decorating budget. We’re here to help.

You can do countless things to renovate the interior of your boat and truly make it your own. Here are some great (and inexpensive!) ways to decorate your boat.

Think About Lighting

The inside of your boat may feel dark, which only makes space feel even smaller. But, on the other hand, lighting doesn’t need to be expensive or energy-draining.

You can try using rope lights in the corners of your ceiling and light up the room in any color imaginable. Another trick to try would be adding a hanging bulb over a sink or table, not only to bring in more artificial light but to bring in a more rustic design.

The best part? Neither of these methods of bringing in more light is likely to run you more than a few dollars.

Think About Floors

Frequently, floors are forgotten by boat owners when planning decor. It might feel easy to ignore a rug or flooring completely since it’ll be getting wet and covered in mud.

However, that’s just the reason you need a rug! Boat-friendly rugs only need to be non-slip, and most of the time, you won’t even need a carpet specifically designed for boating. You need something to catch that water that can be washed and that can hide the inevitable stains your family leaves behind.

Think About Contrast

A dark-colored rug without good lighting, though, can make space feel smaller and less welcoming. However, a dark rug with a bright light fixture and bright paint on the walls helps make space feel larger.

Your decor inside your boat should help space feel larger and more welcoming. Dark colors and clutter will only help to make the room feel smaller. Bright colors on the walls and ceiling, like cream, sky blue, and white, will help create a more inviting space.

This contrast could be achieved through paint or even through peel-and-stick wall decals, which can be found inexpensively at many big-box stores.

Decorate The Walls

Many forget to hang things on the wall of their boat, but the walls are a perfect place to help make your boat feel more home-like. Mirrors help space feel larger, and you don’t need to go with a strictly nautical anchor-focused theme to have a beautiful interior.

Think about hanging paintings or pictures of you and your family, or even of the boat itself. Use solid and sturdy hangers to attach things to the wall, though. Since your ship is constantly in motion, ensuring stability is essential.

Don’t Forget The Bathroom

Another spot often looked over when decorating a boat is the bathroom. Since these locations are small, it often feels easy to simply leave the space as-is and make it feel completely removed from the rest of your vessel.

However, the bathroom is a great place to continue to tie in the color theme you’ve decided on in your vessel. For example, if you use a dark-blue rug in your entryway, try bringing the same mat into your bathroom. In addition, large mirrors help make space feel larger and help to reflect minimal light inside a room.

You can even bring in self-adhesive tiles into the shower area to make it feel more cohesive with the rest of your boat and help to make it feel more welcoming and fresh. Self-adhesive tiles have another benefit- they aren’t permanent. If you decide to redecorate later, they can be removed and replaced just as easily as a rug.

A Clean Boat Is A Happy Boat

Keeping clutter away from the spaces on your boat is the best way to amplify the decor you have, even if it’s minimal. But, of course, having a cluttered room filled with junk won’t help show off your decorating skills.

Think of creative storage solutions for some of the things that might be cluttering your vessel. For example, find storage containers for fruits and snacks, and find ways to hide paperwork away inside drawers or under cabinets.

Clean spaces often call for fresh scents. You could go the route of candles, but if the idea of open flame on your boat makes you nervous, opt for an essential oil diffuser. This will help your space feel cleaner and more relaxed.

Privacy Can Be Stylish 

Hanging curtains in your boat not only serves a practical purpose but a decorative one, too. If you need more privacy in one area of your boat, you can bring in a pop of color and separate one space from the rest of your boat.

You can even match your curtains to throw pillows and those rugs mentioned above we talked about. This helps you tie all of your interior together while serving a practical purpose.

If you’re on a very tight budget, curtains can be made by hand very easily with two large pieces of fabric. You could even repurpose old bedsheets for the same effect, so long as they match color-wise and are adequately prepared.

Ready To Set Sail? 

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