Boating Industry Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

The landscape of boating changed drastically with the precautions in place during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, with many states having to place restrictions on recreational boating and fishing. Boat sales were down and some companies feared low sales could lead to downsizing…but then 2021 started off with promise and now things are looking up for boaters and industry alike.

With the pandemic  becoming less of an issue in Australia in 2021 (and slowly around the world), restrictions on boating and in general are easing up and the boating industry is noticing a difference already. Let’s have a look at some of the top trends to look out for this year as the world gets back to work and people get back to having fun:

Trend #1: Boat and yacht sales are rising

The sales and the importing/exporting of boats and yachts in Australia is set to surpass prior year’s sales in many parts of the boating industry. Many factors come into play as the sales rise, such as people wanting to stay closer to home for leisure activities and others finally buying the boat they’ve always wanted. 

High-end yacht manufacturers in Queensland are also happy because they are seeing a rise in US boaters wanting to import their products. As the demand for quality Australian boats and yachts grows, the sales will continue to add up. This is great for boaters and industry alike, especially since the second-hand boating market took a hit in 2020 and will now see many people selling their older boats for newer ones in 2021. Even jet ski sales are on the rise!

Trend #2: Getting back to fishing

​​​Recreational fishing in Australia is a very popular leisure activity that contributes both economically and socially as well as being a big part of life for many Australians of any age and many different socio-economic backgrounds.. It’s a pastime that is beloved globally. 

Fishing stats were on the rise before the pandemic, but drastically dropped late 2019 even before the pandemic hit. But now, in 2021, with fishing restrictions being lifted, more people will be purchasing fishing boats as well. 

Fishing boat accessories and equipment, is also projected to rise in sales and popularity as more people get ready to catch the big one.

Trend #3: Increased safety measures

As the demand for safer boats increased, experts are now reporting that 2021 could be a noticeably safer year on the water than previous years and this is great news for boaters and fishermen alike. Kill switches on boats are one such device than could help save lives and keep people feeling more secure on their vessels. 

In the event of an emergency, kill switches “kill” the engine (turn it off immediately) to prevent crashes, someone falling overboard or perhaps losing equipment in the water. These switches are also being paired with “man overboard” alarms which are able to detect when someone accidentally falls out of a boat. 

These alarms work a lot like kill switches and look similar to the cord keys you get on a jet ski, so if a person falls out of the boat, the cord (attached to the kill switch) detaches from the kill switch and stops the engine of the boat immediately. Devices such as these are becoming more prevalent on boats and help put the pilots’ minds at ease when navigating with passengers.

Trend #4: Rentals are also on the rise

With more people wanting to do day trips or fun excursions with their families during the pandemic, boat and yacht rentals are, as one would think, on the rise. Renting a boat is a great activity that can get you out of the house and is always  a treat for the whole family. Direct customers are the highest in the market. Growth in the entire boat/yacht rental industry is looking so good that rentals are projected to rise all the way up until 2026! 

One thing all these trends show us is that the entire boating industry has a lot to look forward to as new and old boat owners alike are setting sail and taking to the seas more often in 2021. 

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