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The Ultimate Guide to NSW Boating Rules

When it comes to the law, ignorance is never a safe place. So if you’re a boat owner in New South Wales, it is vital to familiarize yourself with the NSW Boating Rules. Knowledge is power and safety; therefore, getting acquainted with these NSW boating rules will keep you and help you avoid unpleasant situations

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Everything You Need to Know About Mooring Fees

Are you puzzled about how Mooring fees are calculated? Do you need help unraveling what appears to be a mystery regarding mooring fees? This article is for you. We understand that sometimes boaters get confused when told what to pay for mooring; therefore, in this post, the steps and factors that lead to the pricing

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Barbecue On A Boat? Yes, It Can Be Done

Spending a warm day out on the sea in your own boat with friends and family is a great way to pass the time. As the day wears on, nothing would compliment the trip better than a warm, delicious grilled meal! With a little preparation, the right equipment, and some safety tips in mind, you

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Signs That Your Boat's Engine Needs Repair

My Boat Engine Won’t Start, What’s The Problem?

Whether you’re out for an afternoon of leisure with family in the marina, or you’re in the great open ocean and ready to head back after a long day, no one wants to turn the ignition key to be met with nothing but a churning noise, or even worse, nothing at all! Here are some

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What Exactly Is Deadrise And How Does It Affect My Boat?

In general, most boat hulls are constructed in a V-shape. These angled hulls allow the ship to drop below the surface and cut through water and waves at speed. The sharper the angle, the more a ship can slice through the water and keep the ride buttery smooth. The general idea is that Deadrise is

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Elizabeth Bay Marina Sydney

Boat Propellor Maintenance, What you Need to Know

Whether you have a motor yacht or a sailing yacht, you probably have an engine that drives a propellor. You know that your boat and boat engine need regular maintenance, still, many yacht owners and even yacht charterers are unaware of how and why to maintain a propellor. Whether you have an inboard diesel engine

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Boat Detailing 101: What You Need to Know

You’ve always wanted to be a boat owner, and your dream finally came true! You’ve docked your new baby at the marina, and now you’re wondering what exactly you need to do to keep it shiny and clean. Heading to the marine supply store is likely going to overwhelm you. You will see aisles and

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Here’s How You Can Increase Your Boat’s Value

With the proper maintenance and care, your boat could last you a good 20 years or more, but there is a chance you will decide to sell your boat before then. In making that decision, you may be considering some upgrades to increase the value of your boat. Experts predict that pre-owned boat sales will

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What Are Common Issues with Fibreglass Boats?

Fibreglass, also known as Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), is currently the most common material used in recreational boats and watercraft. Fibreglass boats are very durable and can last for fifty years or longer. And while fibreglass gives your hull a glossy, sleek look, you can run into significant issues if it isn’t maintained properly. Knowing

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Top Reasons Why Boats Break Down

There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you pull up to the marina on a Saturday morning with only thoughts of the open sea in your mind. This allure especially captivates us Australians and almost 1.5 million of us have a motorboat or a yacht. But, as even a novice sailor knows, it’s not

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How Do You Make an Old Boat Look New Again?

Boats, more than most things, need constant maintenance and upkeep if you want them to look their best, and if left to the elements, will soon look old and run down. The conditions a boat endures, from freezing storms to blistering heat, can really play havoc with the aesthetics. The good news is that if

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Paint Vs Re-Gelcoat My Boat Hull – Which Is Better?

Boats are always in need of care and maintenance, especially the hull. Your hull serves as the very barrier between you and the deep, and this watertight enclosure that ensures the safety of the cargo, machinery, even the accommodation spaces from weather, flooding, and structural damage.  Your hull treats you well, and it’s your job

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