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Sailing Long Distance? Here Are Things You Should Know

There’s plenty to consider before taking your yacht or sailboat out on to the open ocean, whether for a few weeks or months. During longer trips, your boat takes on a different role – and if you’re used to short trips, you may overlook some of the things that become more important once you’re off

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Sailing for Beginners: Selecting the Right Boat & Learning How to Sail

Many people find sailing to be a pleasant leisure activity. In fact, in the proper environment and circumstances, almost anyone can effortlessly learn to sail a simple boat without much difficulty. However, it is always worth noting that the delight of sailing stems from the feeling of being in charge, and your confidence about being

Fiberglass vs Aluminum Boat: Which One to Choose?

Fiberglass vs Aluminum Boat: Which One to Choose?

When it comes to rivalries, fiberglass versus aluminum has been raging on in the boating industry for many years. Like any good rivalry, there are points to be made on both sides when it comes to quality, durability, stability, price, performance and aesthetics, just to name a few.  There are various advantages in either aluminum

What to Know About Vinyl Wrapping Your Boat: Is It Better Than Painting?

What to Know About Vinyl Wrapping Your Boat: Is It Better Than Painting?

Boat maintenance and upkeep is an important part of being a boat owner, making sure your boat lasts a good long while. Just like your car, a boat needs oil changes, tune-ups, cleaning and protection. One such protection is applying vinyl or paint for the outside of your boat, but which one should you choose?

Costs to Consider When Sailing

Costs to Consider When Sailing

Are you thinking about buying a motorboat, or have you purchased one recently? Buying a boat is an enormous financial commitment, which is why some people are understandably cautious about selecting their vessel.  With so many options available, making a choice might be daunting for some people. And if you don’t know enough about boats,

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How Do You Polish a Hull?

Does the hull of your boat have a yellowish or murky-looking appearance? The reason for it looking that way is most likely due to your boat’s gelcoat. The fiberglass hull of your boat most often has an exterior coating called gelcoat, that helps protect it and keep it looking shiny and clean. Over time, the

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How Does Boating Help Your Well-Being?

Do you feel like you need some time away to recharge? Would you like to have a fun day with your family? A day on the water might be just what you need. There are many great reasons why you should take some time to head out onto the water today. Let’s look at some

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Boating at Night: Safety Tips

Driving at night can be more complex than driving during the day, but it’s far from impossible. The same can be said about boating at night. Cruising at night limits your eyesight. Objects might seemingly jump out at you when you’re out on the ocean. That is why many individuals limit their sailing activities to

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What is Antifouling?

Summer always seems to come and go fast, and before you know it, you are preparing your boat for winter. During this time, it’s important to start figuring out how and when you want to antifoul your boat. Typically, antifouling is vital to your boat’s hull, especially when your boat will be stored in water.

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How Do You Maintain a Gel Coat On Your Boat?

A boat is an investment, and proper maintenance helps ensure your boat’s lifespan. It also shows pride in ownership. While keeping up the way the boat’s finish looks may seem unnecessary to some, it is more appealing to the eye, keeps it seaworthy longer, and should you ever decide to sell, it will also add


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