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Paint Vs Re-Gelcoat My Boat Hull – Which Is Better?

Boats are always in need of care and maintenance, especially the hull. Your hull serves as the very barrier between you and the deep, and this watertight enclosure that ensures the safety of the cargo, machinery, even the accommodation spaces from weather, flooding, and structural damage.  Your hull treats you well, and it’s your job

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Fiberglass Boat Maintenance: What You Need to Know

A boat is a great investment, whether it’s meant to be used for business or pure leisure. A well-maintained boat will allow you years of amazing experiences on the water. Although fiberglass boats have a reputation of being “virtually maintenance-free”, just like any other vehicle, it still needs proper care. In comparison to wooden boats,

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Boat Buying 101: 6 Biggest Boat-Buying Mistakes to Avoid

The days of dazzling sunlight are soon approaching, and all you want this year is a boat to take out on the open water. Unfortunately, because a boat is such a substantial purchase, it is vital to think about everything there is to know before writing that heaping check. Besides, boats need frequent maintenance, boat


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