Fiberglass Boat Maintenance: What You Need to Know

A boat is a great investment, whether it’s meant to be used for business or pure leisure. A well-maintained boat will allow you years of amazing experiences on the water. Although fiberglass boats have a reputation of being “virtually maintenance-free”, just like any other vehicle, it still needs proper care.

In comparison to wooden boats, fiberglass boats indeed need less maintenance. In order to keep your fiberglass boat in the best shape, we’ve created this easy guide to keeping your vessel looking good and gliding through the sea, so you can enjoy season after season on the open water. 

Consistency Is The Key

Oftentimes, we wait until something is wrong or there is a need for a repair or replacement. But you know what they always say, prevention is better than cure. Maintaining your fiberglass boat on a consistent basis will save you a lot of trouble and money in the future. So, mark your schedule to keep your boat clean, well-painted, and running smooth. 

Bathe Her Up

The most basic step to keep your fiberglass boat in its best shape is to just wash it regularly. Keeping a consistent schedule in cleaning your boat will keep it from accumulating stains, grime, and saltwater buildup. When washing your boat, refrain from using strong chemicals. Warm water mixed with dish soap is sufficient. You must also not forget to rinse your boat with clean fresh water afterward. If you regularly take your boat out, you might want to consider cleaning you vessel (especially the bottom) once a month. 

Protect And Preserve

Each time you wash your fiberglass boat, it needs some extra good waxing. A fresh coat of high-quality wax — preferably a wax formulated for marine use — will give your boat a marvelous shine and extra protection. Using a gelcoat will also give your boat a clean, glossy sheen. Waxing will help preserve its color, protect it from the scorching heat of the sun, and even help prevent scratches or dents on your boat. 

Coat The Crack

Sailing in rough waters, docking, and shore excursions can make your boat more susceptible to cracks. Small cracks left unattended will turn into large cracks before long. The bigger the crack, the more expensive it is to repair. Thus, it is crucial to make sure you seal any cracks as soon as you notice them. This can be easily done using epoxy included in a fiberglass boat repair kit. Make sure to set the seal on for a whole day.

Replace The Pump

One of the most common areas of issue that boat owners experience is with the pump. If a pump is not running well, it won’t get rid of the water that seeps in. Replacing the pump yearly is a basic boat maintenance step that’s essential to keeping your boat pristine. 

Engine Check

It’s true, the wind is typically your main power source. However, checking your engine regularly will help you keep your boat running smoothly, and ensure that you don’t end up stranded in rough waters. You must regularly change the oil and tune your engine to ensure that you’re firing on all cylinders season after season. Like any other vehicle, boats also need clean oil, a tuned engine, and well-charged batteries. The golden rule is to check your engine every 100 hours or annually.

It is also wise to check your engine belts, alternator, cooling system, and spark plugs whenever you check your engine.. 

Interior Care

Apart from the exposed areas of your boat, interior care is also necessary. The interior part of your boat will consist of a variety of materials, each of which demands regular attention too. 

Bulkhead – may be solid, wood, veneer, plywood, or formica. Know your material and its regular maintenance schedule.. 

Cushions – must be aired out to prevent forming mildew. The salt from the water will accumulate and must also be cleaned regularly. Remember that salt absorbs moisture, which can keep your seats feeling damp, the more it accumulates. . 

It’s always a good idea to take your boat for a professional cleaning at least once a year to ensure that your interior, fabrics, and wood are all well taken care of with a thorough clean and a good protective coating.. 

Practice Safety and Security

Take your time to inspect any damage and make sure to use safety equipment when doing repairs. Gloves, goggles, and other PPE are a must. If you are dealing with chipped or unsealed fiberglass, remember to wear an appropriate ventilator and goggles, as Inhaling fiberglass can be dangerous and can cause eye irritation, stomach problems, and respiratory issues. 

Maintaining your fiberglass boat should not be a huge hassle. Form a maintenance schedule and stick to it. Make sure to follow these fool-proof steps in your boat detailing and enjoy countless summers to come. 

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