The Sydney International Boat Show 2021

In 1968, the Sydney International Boat Show became a standalone, independent event out of Moore Park’s Hordern Pavilion. Ever since, the event has been a staple attraction in Australia, attracting thousands of visitors worldwide each year.

After a year hiatus in 2020, the Sydney International Boat Show is returning full force in the summer of 2021 to welcome boat enthusiasts to see all that the boat show has to offer.

Curious about the history of the boat show or about some of the most unique attractions the show has to offer this year? Join us as we take a look at boat shows of years past and look forward to the 2021 return of this event.


The Sydney International Boat Show has happened each year in Sydney from 1968 until 2020 when the show had to take a one-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to 1968, the Boat Show wasn’t an independent event. Boats would be featured at car shows and other events, but there was no specific event just for boats despite Sydney being right on the beautiful Darling Harbour.

Once the show became an independent event in 1968, it moved around every few years from venue to venue until it found a permanent home at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Center, where it remains to this day.

Though, for a few years, the show had to move to a temporary location as the Darling Harbour was undergoing significant reconstruction work, meaning the 2014-2016 Shows were held on Glebe Island.

Despite moving all over Sydney, the show has a true, permanent home in the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Center, where the show is scheduled to take place in 2021.

Fast Facts

The Sydney International Boat Show will actually be hosting two events in 2021: The main event, The Sydney International Boat Show 2021 at Darling Harbour on July 29th, and the Brisbane Boat Show on August 20th.

There is an entire marina, the Cockle Bay Marina, set aside for this event. Usually, there are over 200 boats featured on this marina and over 200 exhibitors specializing in anything from equipment to actual boats.

Why Go? 

The Sydney International Boat Show is an event like no other. Don’t have the funding for a new yacht? Well, some vendors feature the newest models of kayaks. Think you have everything you need to set sail? Other vendors will be carrying the latest and greatest equipment.

Regardless of how you enjoy the hobby of boating, the different vendors in attendance will give you a unique opportunity to shop around and compare different items for any at-sea adventures you may be thinking about taking.

Truly, the big and grandiose boats are only a small part of the boating market. The biggest part of the market is individuals like you following their unique boating passions.

Cost Of Going

The Sydney International Boat Show is great fun for the entire family without breaking the bank. Adult tickets this year are only $30 if purchased in advance. In 2019, an entire family of two adults and three children could attend the show for $49, making this the perfect outing for you and your family to enjoy some time on the marina, even if just to fantasize.

The different vendors present from around the country and even around the world make it perfect for shopping for presents for outgoing and adventurous members of your family as well. Instead of simply wondering what to buy your kayaking cousin, you can stop at a booth and see what the latest and greatest equipment is for a kayaker.

Of course, buying items at booths will cost money, and with 2019 featuring over 200 different vendors, it’s very likely you’ll want to bring some spending money to shop around as well.

The cost of admission also includes countless free giveaways. Some booths were offering raffles of up to $5,000 in 2019, and some even offered free fishing masterclasses, letting you learn not only the federal regulations around deep-sea fishing but learn tips and tricks from experts in the subject.

Truly the International Boat Show is the perfect event for anyone even curious about marina activities.

Searching For A Marina? 

No matter if you’re a boating enthusiast or a charter yacht service, The Sydney International Boat Show offers plenty of fun in the sun that is sure to please. Corleone Marinas offer four stunning locations around Sydney–whether a resident or visitor, we provide berths, moorings, and slipways to provide excellent care of your boat.

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