How to Get Started in Sailing

Sailing is a fantastic way to spend time with family and friends. Getting out on the open sea is an incredible feeling. And, not only is sailing fun, but it is also an invigorating sport.

While sailing, you get to enjoy the ocean, blue sky, salt air, and a cool breeze. You are also actively participating in the experience to navigate the waters, wind, and weather, an impressive feat for any aspiring seafarer. Any time an activity conquers nature and its natural energy, there is a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

Learning how to sail at any age is a fantastic experience, and it is an exciting hobby. Although sailing is often perceived as a hobby and sport for wealthy individuals, it is more attainable than you may think. In this article, we will cover how you can get started in sailing and what you can look forward to.

What Is Sailing?

Sailing is a sport that involves a boat with sails, sometimes referred to as kites. Sails grab the wind, propelling the boat along the surface of the water.

And it is fun to know that sailing is not necessarily on water, as it can be sailing over ice or land in a proper vessel. For our purposes in this article, we are talking specifically about sailboats. Let’s go over two types of sailing.


Cruising is more of a relaxed form of sailing. It is a more calming experience, usually for longer than just an afternoon. When cruising in a sailboat, it often involves longer distances for more extended periods.


Racing generally has more than one sailboat all taking off simultaneously, just like runners on a track. The goal is to be the first to finish or to finish with the best time. Most races take place in one day or over several hours..

Are You Ready To Get Started In Sailing?

Many activities have the perception of being primarily for wealthy people. Sailing is one of those activities. However, it is not nearly as expensive as you may think. You can get started without spending a lot of money, but you need time, effort, and commitment.

So, let’s take a look at 4 ways to help you get started in sailing.

#1. Take An Online Training Course

Online training courses are your first step to learn basic sailing knowledge. Generally, these courses discuss sailing-specific terms such as parts of the boat, basic safety, and more. They also teach you what you need to know before you step onto an actual boat.

There are free online courses as well as paid online courses. The courses don’t take very long as they are merely meant as an introduction to sailing.

#2. Take A Beginners Sailing Course

Beginning to sail doesn’t take very long. However, it can take a lifetime to master. Compare sailing to being an equestrian — learning how to get a horse from point A to point B doesn’t take very long. But mastering the skills to be considered an accomplished equestrian can take a lifetime.

If you live anywhere near a coast or a lake, there probably are sailing programs available for training. Beginner courses are usually either a small boat course or a yachting course. Taking both types of courses is helpful to learn how wind affects the sails rather than only taking a yachting course where the wind impacts are less immediate and strong.

Small Boat Course

Small boat courses focus on classroom basics, then sailing alone, typically in a small dinghy. Instructors remain nearby in boats offering guidance and providing instructions to the students.  This method is very much like on-the-job training in that feedback is immediate. Additionally, you learn very quickly how winds affect what you’re doing.

Yachting Course

The yachting course instructor usually takes the class onto one large yacht. Thus, everyone is in the same boat. You will receive verbal directions as well as being an active participant in the learning process.

#3. Join A Sailing Club

Coastal communities are very likely to have yacht clubs or dinghy clubs. These clubs will allow you to continue to learn through your participation. In addition, they may have events that will further your knowledge base, and along the way, you may meet some wonderful people with similar passions.

#4. Get Hands-On Experience

Setting sail generally only requires one person. However, sailing a yacht requires multiple people actively sailing. Often, yacht owners are looking for crew members who have extra hands for their voyage. The trick is that you need to be available when they need you. Of course, your availability depends on their convenience, not yours, but the experience is invaluable.

Once an owner utilizes you as a resource on their yacht, they will likely use you as a resource again. Yacht owner’s greatest needs tend to be longer trips to less exotic locations. Once you can prove your reliability and experience, you never know — you could end up on a tropical experience that you previously had only dreamt of while getting hands-on experience to someday set sail on your own.

Are You Ready To Set Sail?

Marinas can be a fantastic way for you to dive (metaphorically) into your new hobby. You have quick access to mechanics and knowledgeable staff who are there to help you.

Plus, marinas can offer you safe places to launch your boat without risk to your hull. Unloading just anywhere can cause hundreds if not thousands of dollars of damage to your nautical investment. Marinas offer you peace of mind that you’re getting in the water safely.

Thinking of using a marina for your newfound hobby? At Corleone Marinas, we offer four locations throughout Australia that can get you and your boat out on the water and enjoy the sunshine — no matter the time of year.

Contact us for more information about our services at our variety of locations today.

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