How COVID-19 Has Changed Sailing in 2020

Although the ocean has never stood still, marinas and docks from Collier Bay to the Bass Strait have gone silent since the onslaught of COVID-19. Not much can keep Australians from the water, but the empty expanse is a haunting reminder of the disease that has upended our world. 

As towns begin to re-open, so too do the true sailors return to the sea. Despite the cancellation of some races and other boat show delays, many have found alternatives and safety measures as they set sail once more. Whether you sail a yacht or sailboat, or blast through the water in your powerboat, it’s worth your time to get acquainted with how our seafaring world has changed. Here at Corleone Marinas, we are taking steps to ensure the safety of our staff and patrons as well.

1. Minimizing Staff and Patron Contact

Social distancing measures have become a primary focus for everyone around the world. We at Corleone Marinas make no exceptions and expect all of our staff to maintain a distance of 1.8 meters from each other and patrons. Our staff has also continued to take necessary precautions, such as cleaning handrails and other often used surfaces regularly throughout the day with disinfectant. 

Communication has also made a transfer to email and phone rather than at a desk. This includes payments by way of direct deposit or credit card as well. Our focus continues to be on minimizing contact between all parties in the interest of everyone’s safety. New norms of space and etiquette around these distances and measures will continue to evolve, but rest assured that Corleone Marinas is committed to maintaining the most current safety standards. 

Unfortunately, we have less control over what COVID-19 indicates for the rest of the sailing world at large. What this means is that regattas and other large gatherings, however, will almost definitely continue to be postponed for the foreseeable future, so now is the time to watch those re-reruns online and follow health updates as they come along.

2. Caution is Needed When Returning From Overseas

Although the ocean has always promoted travel and exploration, this is the time for awareness when returning from international waters. Plan ahead of time if you plan on sailing to a different country and be certain you’re ready to obey quarantine rules both there and upon your return to Australia.

Quarantine currently means isolating yourself for 14 days whether in your home or on your boat. Alert your marina where you’ve been, especially if you’ve been feeling unwell. At Corleone Marinas, we are ready to disinfect, test, and prepare the marina in the event of a returning boater carrying COVID-19. For this to be a possibility, we must be alerted first and foremost. Please help us protect you and your fellow boaters.

One of the big changes to sailing in 2020 might be that many boats will have supplies and furniture in the event of quarantine. Stocking your boat with emergency supplies will truly take on a whole new meaning. Knowing grocery delivery options as well as COVID-19 docking procedures in other countries will become second nature. 

Planning and preparing has always been part of the sailing experience, however our berthing checklist has only grown longer.

3. Commercial Vessel Experiences Will Change Forever

Gone are the days of simple cruises up and down the coast. Although some will be allowed to run, life aboard won’t be near to normal. Social distancing will be enforced on many commercial vessels around the world and depending on their business industry, will have many more restrictions applied. 

Stopping along isles or in Europe will now be a trickier task and will largely depend upon the country’s quarantine rules and laws. Many will be banning commercial vessels from other countries altogether, making options for travel incredibly limited or cost prohibitive. 

Australia-specific vessels, such as tour boats, will also be functioning along guideline rules. These will also almost definitely see a decline in business and frequency thanks to a lower amount of tourism. 

4. Yacht Shows Are Moving Online

Traveling to boat shows has always been a highlight of the season, however because of COVID-19, many attendees simply will not be able to attend. This might mean a long awaited shift from physical shows to digital. 

The advent of 360 interactive tools has unleashed possibility onto an aging industry. The use of video, streaming, and interactivity could spell out a new boom in purchasing. These can assist potential buyers when it comes to picturing themselves onboard and being fully informed to make their final decision. 

Although the industry itself has been resistant to this shift, especially after a failed virtual show earlier in the year, this prolonged quarantine could finally push for new uses in technology and much needed innovation.

A boater knows how to handle the choppiest water.

We at Corleone Marinas are dedicated to your safety and the continuation of sailing even in these trying times. Sydney is our home and we will continue to serve our boaters in our premium harbour locations. 

Our wet berths, moorings, up to 60 foot slipways are open for your boat and you to get away from land and take to the sea. Our safety measures and caution during COVID-19 are like our service: second to none. 

To find out more about how we are working to keep you safe when you visit, contact us today!

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