Fun Things to See and Do in Darling Harbour

Planning a trip to Darling Harbour? There are countless things to do, see and eat. Whether you’re interested in sea life, history, or some good eats, there is plenty for you to do on your next visit.

The History of Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour, originally called the Tumbalong region, was once the home to the aboriginal community of Cadigal people. There is an Aboriginal Centre located in the harbour filled with stories, information and history about the original occupants of Darling Harbour.

Settlers soon named the area Cockle Bay and Long Cove, but saw a name change in 1826 honoring the New South Wales governor Ralph Darling. Following a boom in infrastructure, Darling Harbour is known for its restaurants, shops and ferries.

Sea Life Aquarium 

Sea Life Aquarium has the world’s largest collection of Australian marine creatures. If you love the underwater world this is the place for you. The aquarium features sharks, dugongs, stingrays, turtles, platypuses and penguins: These are only some of the 700 species featured within its waters. When you’re done seeing the oceanic exhibits, you can dare to snorkel with live sharks. Surely, an experience unlike any other.

Chinese Garden of Friendship

One of the best ways to wind down after a long day shopping and eating is to relax at the Garden of Friendship. It was built to recognize the friendship and comradery between Sydney and Guangzhou. There are lakes, pavilions, exotic plants and koi ponds. You can even feed the countless koi as you sit and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

Go Sailing

Taking a cruise along the river allows you to see Sydney and Darling Harbour from a completely new vantage point. You can see the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge up close, all while being out on the open water basking in the sunshine. Yachting is one of the most entertaining things you can do while exploring the harbour.

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See The Fireworks

Some seasons of the year allow you to see magnificent views of the fireworks on Saturday evenings along the waterfront. More information about firework shows can be found here.

LG IMAX Theatre and 9D Action Cinema

The LG IMAX Theatre is the largest in the world. You can catch the latest action adventures, animated movies and even documentaries. The 9D Action Cinema takes elements of 3D movies and combines them with surround sound and moving luxury seats and some special effects. While short, these 9D movies are an experience unlike any other.

Get A Bite to Eat

If you’re in Sydney you absolutely have to have a meal on the water. You aren’t limited in food options here, either. We’ve selected a few restaurants to try that we think would make your visit to Darling Harbour one to remember forever.

On A Budget? 

Eating on a budget is completely possible in Darling Harbour. Here’s a few options with meals under $15 a plate

  • Lilong: Xiao Long Bao
  • Harajuku Gyoza: Dumplings
  • Marrickville Pork Roll: Vietnamese Rolls
  • Harry’s Cafe de Wheels: Meat Pie and beer
  • The Port Harbourside: Lunch Specials

Need Halal Options? 

Even fast food chains in Sydney have halal options. Regardless of preference or budget, there’s something for you to chow down on.

  • Red Rooster
  • KFC
  • Lal Qila
  • Manjit’s Wharf
  • Kazbah

No Meat on the Menu? 

Unfortunately, and surprisingly, Darling Harbour doesn’t have any entirely vegetarian or vegan restaurant options. However, lots of restaurants have menus filled with tasty options. Try some of these options for a plant-based meal.

  • Planar: Small vegan menu, larger vegetarian dishes on main menu
  • Zaffran: Indian food with al la carte options
  • Manjit’s Wharf: Modern indian, extensive list of vegetarian mains
  • Cafe Del Mar: Tapas Style, a workable choice with no designated vegetarian  menu
  • Fratelli Fresh: Italian, pasta and pizza options

Want to Eat In Style On The Waterfront?

If you’re living the height of luxury, try some of these dining options for the best waterfront view. You may have the best dining experience of your life at some of these options!

  • Bennelong Restaurant Sydney Opera House: 7 course tasting menu at $210
  • Quay: 10 course tasting menu at $295
  • Sydney Cove Oyster Bar: Al La Carte entrees at $30-$40 each
  • Altitude: A 2 course lunch menu is $65
  • Cafe Sydney: Al La Carte entrees at $30-$40 each

Visit Corleone Marinas

Darling Harbour is the perfect destination for fine dining, fantastic fireworks and some of the best yachting experiences worldwide. Whether you enjoy shopping in some of the countless shops along the water or taking a dive in a shark tank, you’re sure to find something to enjoy on your next trip to the coast.

While you’re in the area, be sure to stop by Corleone Marinas!

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