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Signs That Your Boat's Engine Needs Repair

My Boat Engine Won’t Start, What’s The Problem?

Whether you’re out for an afternoon of leisure with family in the marina, or you’re in the great open ocean and ready to head back after a long day, no one wants to turn the ignition key to be met with nothing but a churning noise, or even worse, nothing at all! Here are some

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What Exactly Is Deadrise And How Does It Affect My Boat?

In general, most boat hulls are constructed in a V-shape. These angled hulls allow the ship to drop below the surface and cut through water and waves at speed. The sharper the angle, the more a ship can slice through the water and keep the ride buttery smooth. The general idea is that Deadrise is

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What Are Common Issues with Fibreglass Boats?

Fibreglass, also known as Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), is currently the most common material used in recreational boats and watercraft. Fibreglass boats are very durable and can last for fifty years or longer. And while fibreglass gives your hull a glossy, sleek look, you can run into significant issues if it isn’t maintained properly. Knowing

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Top Reasons Why Boats Break Down

There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you pull up to the marina on a Saturday morning with only thoughts of the open sea in your mind. This allure especially captivates us Australians and almost 1.5 million of us have a motorboat or a yacht. But, as even a novice sailor knows, it’s not

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Boat Buying 101: 6 Biggest Boat-Buying Mistakes to Avoid

The days of dazzling sunlight are soon approaching, and all you want this year is a boat to take out on the open water. Unfortunately, because a boat is such a substantial purchase, it is vital to think about everything there is to know before writing that heaping check. Besides, boats need frequent maintenance, boat

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Factors to consider when buying a boat motor

Have you noticed that your outboard motorboat isn’t performing as well as it used to but dread the potentially complicated or confusing process of choosing a suitable replacement? We know from experience that boat repair can be a daunting and expensive proposal, and making the right decision when it comes to replacing an old motor


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