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How Do I Know If My Boat Needs Repair?

Relaxing on your boat on the calm open waters is a great way to spend the day. However, if you are concerned about whether your boat is seaworthy, you are probably hesitant to take it out.  It is every boat owner’s responsibility to keep their vessel in tip top condition and adhering to current boating

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What Should I Look for in a Marina?

No matter how many boats you have owned in your lifetime, or whether you are a seasoned sailor or a novice, there is one thing that you can not do without. You will definitely need somewhere to moor your boat when it is not in use.  However, with so many marinas available and so many

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Sailing for Beginners: Selecting the Right Boat & Learning How to Sail

Many people find sailing to be a pleasant leisure activity. In fact, in the proper environment and circumstances, almost anyone can effortlessly learn to sail a simple boat without much difficulty. However, it is always worth noting that the delight of sailing stems from the feeling of being in charge, and your confidence about being


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